SINOPEC Special Lubricating Oil

High temperature resistant, good low temperature resistance, high speed, long life and so on Has excellent lubrication, in addition to hot, antitrust and seal performance. Especially suitable for precision instruments, high temperature under the condition of mechanical parts, heavy equipment, such as high load.



SINOPEC Industrial Gear Oil

Performance over conventional heavy duty industrial gear oil. Meet the industrial gear box development and world mainstream gearbox OEM specifications


Industrial Gear

Sinopec Heavy Duty Industrial Gear Oil is a range of high-performance gear oils formulated with high-quality mineral oils and an advanced multifunctional additive. These oils are designed for use in enclosed industrial gear drives where they offer excellent extreme pressure and load carrying properties. Available in five ISO viscosity grades: 150, 220, 320, 460, and 680.


Gas Engine

Sinopec Stationary Gas Engine Oil SAE 40 is formulated with high viscosity index hydrogenated base oils and a new type of low-ash additive system. It is specially designed to meet the performance needs of modern highly rated, turbocharged stationary natural gas engines.


Brake Fluid

Sinopec Synthetic Brake Fluid is formulated using a blend of synthetic glycol ether and borate ester with selected additives. It meets the requirements of the DOT 4 specification to give excellent brake and clutch performance, avoiding the problems of vapor lock and brake fade.

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